Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network is typically a means of sending and receiving data over the public Internet utilizing tunneling and encryption to multiple sites. Most VPN’s allow for “any to any” connectivity, meaning that any site can communicate with any site without having to go through a centralized portal or host. VPN’s can be sized depending on the data needs of your company. Sizing can range from 56K, 128K, 256K, 512K, all the way to a Full T1.
Many companies are using VPN’s as a way of sending and receiving data because it can be more inexpensive then traditional methods of data transport, especially when business operations are more de-centralized.

Here are a few important factors to consider when utilizing VPNs to transport data:

  How secure is the connection?

What bandwidth size does the Internet port need to be to allow for all forms of traffic to run through it effectively?

What kind of equipment / software will be needed on each end?

What level of support will be provided for that equipment / software?

What are the total costs associated, including options to lease equipment or buy equipment?

Telecom Source Group will act as your company’s advocate to help you examine and understand the different VPN options and see which are best for your company. Our goal is to present the best options available while considering your company’s special requirements.

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