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Telecommunications Source Group is an independent consulting firm offering innovative and cost-effective telecommunications solutions to our clients. We operate within the highest standards of integrity, excellence, and performance on behalf of you, our customer. Telecom Source Group provides an assortment of competitive voice and data solutions through a variety of established carriers that will suit your company’s individual needs and budget.

Our extensive client list includes Fortune 1000 companies that specialize in technology, manufacturing, law, energy, internet services, healthcare, insurance, and finance. With 10+ years of experience in providing data and voice solutions in the telecommunications industry, we act in your best interest, as our client, by providing the following services without cost to your company:

  Auditing your telecommunications bills to find errors, including over-billing, paying for non-utilized lines, and duplicate charges.

Aiding in recovering disputed telecom charges.

Assisting with outstanding current service issues and help with resolution.

Reviewing current contracts and crosschecking bills to ensure proper charges have been implemented.

An evaluation and inventory of your current telecom infrastructure.

Listening carefully to your business needs and concerns to properly assess your company’s unique situation.

Utilizing our knowledge and experience to provide value by making proper recommendations.

Offering an assortment of competitive, cutting edge solutions through different carriers that suit the unique needs of your business and budget.

Providing an unbiased, “carrier neutral” assessment of each solution and provider showing the strengths and weaknesses in each.

Offering key strategic resources that will provide solutions for phone system systems and maintenance, LAN configuration including service and up-grades, network and Internet security, data equipment procurement and maintenance, and web design / commerce.

Careful, experienced coordination with each vendor and client contact to ensure a smooth installation process.

Timely and proper implementation of services making sure contracted rates are billed with service.

First bill review to ensure contracted billing.

Ongoing support to monitor services, assess and aid with new needs as they arise, and introduce new technologies as they become available.

A single point of contact that will act on your behalf to drive service and billing issues through the life of the contract and beyond.



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