As an independent consulting firm, Telecom Source Group works in your company’s best interest for it's telecom needs. By working with us, your company will get the right solution, the best price and quality service.

Telecom Source Group provides an assortment of competitive Voice, Data and Internet solutions through a variety of established providers. We are an advocate for our clients to assist with timely installation and to help with any billing or service issues. We do not charge for our services as the provider you select pays us residually.

Here are some issues your company has probably encountered in dealing directly with a telecom provider:

Direct provider representatives tend to act in their own company’s interest first instead of recommending the right solution for your company.

The provider representative that signs up your company often won’t remain with you through the life of the contract.

His or her replacement (if you get one at all) has a quota to fill first and foremost, and may not be aware of any specific billing and service issues.


With our “provider-neutral” knowledge and expertise, we will help you find a Voice, Data and Internet solution that best suits your company’s unique needs and budget. We will serve your company through the life of the contract and beyond as your advocate to ensure an enduring relationship based on trust and integrity.

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