Toll-Free / 800 Service

Telecom Source Group offers Toll-Free / 800 Service through a variety of 1st tier carriers and re-sellers with volume-based competitive pricing. Our experience in helping customers with complex call center environments will allow us to recommend the right solutions and provide extensive follow-up support.

A variety of advanced routing features are available for Toll-Free / 800 Service that can increase efficiency when properly used:

  Day Manager: Automatically routes toll-free calls to a different location(s) or routing arrangement(s) based on the day of the week.

Time Manager: Automatically routes toll-free calls to a different location(s) or routing arrangement(s) based on the time of day.

Area Code Routing: Routes toll-free calls based on the area code of the caller.

Exchange Code Routing: Automatically routes toll-free calls based on the caller's area code and local exchange.

Caller Recognition Routing: Routes toll-free calls based on the caller's 10-digit telephone number. By identifying incoming calls, you can recognize your best customers and provide them with priority service.

Redirection: Redirects calls when your phone lines or customer service representatives are busy.

Alternate Destination Routing: A pre-answer feature that automatically re-routes calls to a predefined location when a Busy or Ring No Answer condition is detected.

Next Available Agent Routing: A pre-answer feature that routes calls (up to 99 locations) when the primary location is busy. Changes can be made in near real-time.

Network Queuing that works with Next Available Agent Routing: Places the toll-free call "on hold" in the network until an agent is available. Plays a customized announcement and provides ability to predetermine how long a call will remain on hold.

Transfer Connect: A post-answer feature (network based) that allows the customer to redirect toll-free calls to any domestic toll-free or POT's number via a single access termination. There are three call handling options: Courtesy Transfer, Consult & Transfer, and Conference & Transfer. Supports both live agents and Interactive Voice Response devices.

Announcement: Provides helpful information such as enroute announcements, courtesy messages and menu options, so you can improve you customer’s calling experience with faster, more efficient service.

Call Prompter: Routes calls to different locations/routing arrangements based on a caller's response to a voice menu or announcement.

Control: Gives you the power to change your routing features whenever you want. Whether planning to accommodate traffic peaks, changes in business activity, or an emergency, you can always be sure that your business is prepared for anything.

Select Routing: Creates and stores up to six different routing plans for each toll-free number. Customers can alter their routing plans for specific situations or circumstances. It is flexible enough to respond to peak business activities, holiday staffing needs, or disaster/contingency planning.

Routing Control Service: A Network Management tool that provides an array of near, real-time quick routing capabilities on the Web for toll-free routing plans without having to issue a service order.


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