Private Line

A Private Line is the most basic form of data and voice transport. Companies considering a private line need a secure, reliable method of transport from point A to Point B. Private Lines are available in a variety of sizes: 56K, 128K, 256K, 512K, to a Full T1. Beyond that Private Lines can be sized at T3 (45 Mg.) or OC configurations (155 Mgs +). Private Lines can be provisioned within a metropolitan area, intra-lata, intra-state, interstate, and internationally.

Price is usually the primary consideration when selecting a carrier for a private line. There are other considerations as well: How stable is the carrier’s network? If the private line goes down how soon will it be repaired? How many redundant paths are there through the network or on the local loop?

Telecom Source Group can help you sort through the different options as your company’s advocate by presenting all the relevant information and pricing. Our goal is to make sure that the selection matches your company’s individual needs and budget.

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