Hosting Services

Many companies utilize hosting service providers for their web / e-commerce applications and for data processing out of house. The hosting service provider owns the facility, connectivity, servers, and equipment. Your company’s applications / data are carefully managed by the hosting provider in a protected environment to ensure your piece of mind.

Hosting is no easy task; the provider you select must be able to demonstrate their abilities, be competitive, and provide a level of comfort before your company moves forward with them.

Here are a few important factors to consider in selecting a hosting service provider:

  Who are the carriers / ISPs that they use for Internet access?

What kind of redundancy do they have in place for power, HVAC, Internet connectivity, data paths, and access?

What are their service-level agreements?

What are their security procedures?

Telecom Source Group can help to match the right hosting services provider with your company’s specialized business needs and budget. We will ask the tough questions and negotiate on your company’s behalf to assure a trouble-free relationship.

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