Audit and recovery

Most companies start out with a handful of business, fax, and Internet lines and add more telecom services as they grow. As companies evolve, their business communication needs change. It is often difficult to get an accurate picture of where your company’s telecom infrastructure is today, and how it can be improved and made more efficient.

Here are some common telecom service problems:

  Telecom services that are active and not used, but being billed

Over-billing of telecom services or failure to bill at contracted rates

Disconnected telecom services that are still being billed

Underutilization of telecom services

Telecom services that have unresolved, persistent service problems.

Saving money and reducing frustration

Telecom Source Group can help you by conducting a careful assessment of your telecommunications infrastructure. We will find the billing errors and show you how to recover the over-payments to your current provider. Telecom Source Group can help with the persistent service issues by interfacing with your current carrier and getting to the root of the problem. As your advocate we will help you get your current telecom environment under control, the result being reduced costs for your company.

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