Account Management

Telecom Source Group’s slogan, “Creating value through the right relationship,” means we will work on your company’s behalf through the life of the contract and beyond. With 10 + years of experience in helping customers with implementation issues and service / billing issues, the professionals at Telecom Source Group will make sure the relationship is kept strong.

Here is how Telecom Source Group will maintain our relationship with your company:

  Oversee the implementation process for all telecom services and drive any issues to resolution that may arise.

Provide 1st bill review to ensure all services are billed at contracted rates.

Be an immediate, responsive point of contact that will escalate and assist to resolve any outages or service issues.

Help with any new business requirements your company may have.

Provide quarterly reviews of your company’s telecom environment to provide advice and recommendations.

Introduce new technologies that can allow for increased efficiencies with your company’s telecom infrastructure.

Review contracts and telecom bills to assure optimization levels are met so there are no under-utilization penalties.

Advise and assist in the purchase of any telecom-related equipment and provide key strategic resources to help as well.

Telecom Source Group will work hard to maintain accountability on behalf of our carrier partners. We will act as a liaison for your company to handle all issues quickly and keep the relationship on course.

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