Access is usually provided by the local exchange carrier; in Colorado that is Qwest. Access is defined as the physical path from your company’s demarcation point to the carrier’s point of presence. Access can range in size from 56K, T1, and optical cable. Access is typically the weakest point because it is often a single path with no redundancy. If a contractor isn’t careful when digging outside the building or in another location, the line can be severed and your company’s link to the outside world cut off. For this reason, when companies grow to a certain size and the data / voice application becomes more mission critical they will look at different options for access redundancy.

A number of carriers besides Qwest offer access in Colorado. Many large buildings are “lit” with redundant fiber, which will give a company like yours different options for the most reliable connection. Depending on the size of the application, some carriers (including Qwest) will trench to your company’s building with their own fiber.

Telecom Source Group will act as your company’s advocate to investigate and present the various options for access. We will work with you to select an access solution that best meets your company’s requirements and price point.

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