XO Communications

Formed by the merger of telecom company NEXTLINK Communications and business data services provider Concentric Network Corporation, XO Communications was founded in 1994. XO Communications provides high-quality broadband communications services to businesses over fiber-optic facilities in 62 markets across the United States.

XO is the largest holder of fixed wireless spectrum in North America, with licenses covering 95 percent of the population in the top 30 markets in the United States. The wireless capabilities of XO will complement and extend the reach of its local fiber optic networks in the markets in which XO has spectrum.

Additionally, XO has acquired exclusive rights to use certain fibers and a conduit throughout a 16,000-route mile high-speed, IP-centric fiber optic backbone network that will connect over 60 cities in the United States and Canada when completed. Through this unrivaled collection of facilities, XO provides integrated, end-to-end telecommunications solutions to its customers.

Not married to any single network technology, XO employs the best access tool for the job for reliably and competitively delivering world-class broadband services to customers. One of the world's fastest-growing broadband communications companies, XO is a leader in the revolution that is successfully transforming the Internet into a viable integrated global communications system for the 21st century. Leveraging its strengths, XO initiated the start of a unprecedented approach to communications services with the world's first flat-rate local, long distance, Internet access, and Web hosting package, called XOptions™.

Formed by the merger of telecom company NEXTLINK Communications and business data services provider Concentric Network Corporation, XO Communications offers local and long distance voice, data, and Internet services throughout the U.S. XO has an unmatched array of facilities-based, high speed access technologies that can deliver abundant bandwidth through the last mile. While evolving the company from two separate companies and brand names associated with two different capability sets, XO stands for the inclusive voice and data product suites and customer service that are the legacy of both NEXTLINK and Concentric

XO Communications is a full-service provider of communications services for small & growing businesses, larger enterprises and carriers. XO™ possesses a wealth of local fiber, DSL, fixed wireless, data networking, Internet and long-haul network assets that few - if any - U.S. emerging service providers can match. In fact, XO is positioned as one of the only national, local end-to-end broadband communications company in U.S.

XO is able to serve customers over XO facilities that ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability. XO has an OC-192 IP backbone with OC-12 uplinks in our markets and data centers; XO has one of the highest capacity and scalable IP backbones in the industry. XO can handle a businesses current needs and is well positioned to handle the coming convergence of voice and data IP services.

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