SBC Communications Inc., incorporated in 1983, provides communications services and products in the United States through its subsidiaries. The services and products that the Company offers vary by market and include local exchange services, wireless communications, long-distance services, Internet services, telecommunications equipment and directory advertising and publishing. Its services and products have been marketed under several brands including SBC Ameritech, SBC Nevada Bell, SBC Pacific Bell, SBC SNET, SBC Southwestern Bell, and, through its joint venture with BellSouth Corporation, Cingular Wireless. SBC operates four business segments: wireline, wireless, directory and international.

Wireline is the Company's largest operating segment, providing approximately 74% of 2002 revenues from all segments. SBC's wireline segment operates as both a retail and wholesale seller of communication services. The Company provides landline telecommunications services, including local, network access, data, long-distance services, Internet services and customer premises and private branch exchange (PBX) equipment. SBC's landline telecommunications subsidiaries serve approximately 31.4 million retail consumer, 19.5 million retail business, 5.7 million wholesale and 0.5 million other access lines, for a total of 57.1 million access lines in its 13-state area. SBC divides its wireline services into four product-based categories: voice, data, long-distance and other.

SBC's international segment includes all of its investments with primarily international operations. The Company has direct or indirect interests in businesses located in more than 25 countries. Its international investments include local and long-distance telephone services, wireless communications, voice messaging, data services, video services, Internet access, telecommunications equipment and directory publishing.

The Company holds a 41.6% stake in TDC A/S, a full-service communications operator in Denmark. TDC has investments in full-service communications providers in Switzerland, with a 78.5% investment in Sunrise, and in Belgium, with a 16.5% investment in Belgacom S.A. (Belgacom). TDC has investments in wireless services in the Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Austria and Germany. It also has investments in communications providers in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Norway and Sweden. In January 2001, TDC acquired a majority interest in diAx A.G, a wireless and long-distance provider in Switzerland owned by SBC International and diAx Holdings.

In Belgium, SBC holds a 17.5% stake in Belgacom, a full-service telecommunications operator, and effectively owns 24.4% of Belgacom when the Company's direct stake is combined with the stake it holds indirectly through TDC. With approximately 4.7 million access lines and more than 3.5 million cellular customers, Belgacom provides local, long-distance, cellular and other communications services and offers directories and security services.

The Company owns a 7.6% equity share in Telefonos de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (Telmex), a telecommunications provider of wireline services in Mexico. SBC also owns a 7.6% interest in America Movil S.A. de C.V., the spun-off wireless business of Telmex, which serves more than 30 million wireless customers. In January 2002, the Company purchased from America Movil its approximate 50% of Cellular Communications of Puerto Rico for cash and a note redeemable for SBC's investment in Telecom Americas. The Company holds an 18% indirect ownership stake in Telkom S.A. Limited, a local exchange and long-distance company based in South Africa. SBC also owns a 9% stake in Amdocs Limited, a supplier of billing and customer service software used by telecommunications companies worldwide.

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