Incorporated in 1988, Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) is a leader in broadband Internet-based data, voice, and image communications. Qwest has revenues of $18 to $18.4 billion a year and serves more than 30 million customers in the U.S. and abroad. It combines one of the world's fastest, most powerful global networks with a strong local exchange business that provides Qwest with 85% of its revenues and 90% of its profits. Qwest completes 240 million phone calls and carries 600 million e-mails daily just in its 14-state local phone service area. Qwest also provides data and long-distance services to businesses in 27 cities outside that area. Locally and globally, Qwest offers a leading line-up of Web hosting services, managed solutions, high-speed Internet access, private networks, wireless data and other technologies and applications that are redefining global communications around the power and potential of the Internet.

In 2000, Qwest took a big step up in size and reach with the acquisition of U S WEST, the Denver-based 120-year old telecom giant that served 14 states throughout the West. The acquisition added the size and scale today's market demands of any top competitor, and a slate of advanced technologies -- such as leadership in Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) services, advanced frame relay, the country's largest Web-based yellow pages, PCS wireless and a network that features more than 99 percent digital switching.

The combination of Qwest and U S WEST in 2000 created a company with a unique set of assets. Along with providing the best local telephone service in the country - the FCC rates Qwest #1 in 4 of 7 key service categories --Qwest also is a leader in network technology, as well as applications and services. Its advanced fiber optic networks link directly to nearly 30 million customers. The company also has a rapidly growing presence in Europe, where its network connects 68 cities in 18 countries, and a foothold in Asia through a new Asia-Pacific office and interests in the US-Japan Cable project.

The combination of technologies, applications and experience moves Qwest to a place solidly among the leaders in Internet and Web services.


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