ICG Communications

ICG's roots can be traced back through time to the mid-1980s and a business plan to develop satellite communications capabilities in Denver.

Between 1989 and 1996, ICG was a competitive access provider (CAP) specializing in long distance, private line services, fiber optics and switching. In 1996, the company became formally known as ICG Communications, Inc. It entered the local telephone market and began offering local, long distance and calling card services primarily to small- and mid-sized business customers.

During 1998 and 1999, ICG made a number of key decisions that paved the way for entry into the emerging data and Internet services arena.

ICG was one of the first new telecommunications companies to emerge during the early stages of government-mandated competition in the mid-1990s. As a pioneer in the industry, ICG was driven to provide competitive voice and data services on its expanding fiber optic network base.

In 1999, ICG developed products to take advantage of the new trend for businesses, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Applications Service Providers (ASPs) to outsource their network needs.

Today ICG Communications, Inc. is a communications provider with a nationwide data and voice network, operating in dozens of major metropolitan areas. As an integrated nationwide and metropolitan fiber optic infrastructure company, ICG provides access and bandwidth to thousands of customers including Internet service providers, interexchange carriers, corporate customers with medium to large-sized businesses, and corporations needing strategic asset protection. Signature products include broadband, dial-up Internet access, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), and voice and Internet Protocol (IP) solutions.

ICG is revolutionizing communications and delivering the benefits of choice. ICG's strategy is to provide its customers with solutions to simplify their communications needs while specializing in broadband solutions for access and bandwidth, as well as enabling them to compete more efficiently in their industry. ICG intends to focus its attention on its core strengths including the company's metropolitan fiber, switch markets and nationwide data network to deliver a superior customer experience.


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