Global Crossing

Global Crossing Ltd. provides integrated telecommunications solutions over an integrated global Internet Protocol (IP)-based fiber-optic network, which will have more than 100,000 route miles, reaching four continents, 27 countries and more than 200 major cities. The Company provides services in two principal segments: telecommunications, and installation and maintenance. The telecommunications services segment offers a variety of integrated telecommunications services through its global fiber optic network, as well as systems acquired from its mergers and acquisitions. The installation and maintenance services segment, consisting of the Company's Global Marine business, installs and maintains undersea fiber optic cable systems for carrier customers worldwide. The Company provides a full range of managed data and voice services.

The Company provides a variety of integrated telecommunications and IP-based services designed to meet the communications needs of large, global enterprises, as well as telecommunication carriers, with bandwidth-intensive applications and international requirements. The Company provides domestic and international data and voice services, Internet-based services, structured bandwidth services. Other communications services include Broadband Services, Virtual Private Network, Voice Services, Data Services, Conferencing Services, Internet Access, Metro-Services and Web Hosting Services.

Broadband Services are comprised of point-to-point digital connections, including private line and wavelength services, as well as indefeasible rights of use (IRUs). Payment for purchases of capacity or dark fiber, optical fiber that has not been equipped with the electronic components necessary for telecommunications transmission, is typically made in advance of activation, although in some cases a customer's payments are made in installments over two to four years. For short-term broadband services, customers are typically billed on a monthly basis.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) consists of customizable voice and/or data network solutions, which customers utilize to create a private network within the Global Crossing Network, without the need to purchase dedicated private facilities to and from each of their locations. Customers have the flexibility to change capacity requirements between points and otherwise to reconfigure their VPNs over time.

Voice Services include switched and dedicated outbound voice services for local, domestic and international traffic for the commercial and wholesale markets. These services also include additional features, such as toll free and call center services.

The Company's Data Services include Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Frame Relay services. Conferencing Services include audio, video and Web-based conferencing services. The Company's Internet Access includes direct connections to the Internet. Metro Services consist of intra-city SONET or SDH rings carrying on-net access circuits. The Company's Web Hosting Services consist of a variety of data content distribution services, complex Web content and application-hosting services, and consulting and professional services, all of which the Company can offer through its co-marketing arrangement with Exodus Communications, Inc.


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