Because access into your company’s building is often the weakest link, or if the bandwidth available to your company’s building doesn’t meet the data / Internet requirements you have, Co-location can be a viable solution. Many companies maintain their data networks and / or e-commerce out of house. A secure, redundant facility that will house your company’s equipment with Internet and data paths to the outside world can make your world a lot simpler. Co-location staff are available to provide basic assistance with your company’s equipment when there is an issue.
Co-location size can be as small as a ½ rack, which can hold a few servers, up to a caged area that can hold hundreds of servers, depending on your business needs.

There are many choices for Co-location facilities in the Rocky Mountain region. Smaller, regional companies as well as the large carriers offer the service. Each Co-location facility has its own attributes and pricing strategies.

Telecom Source Group has worked with most of the Co-location providers in the Rocky Mountain Region and understands which ones will bring the most benefit to your company. As your advocate, we will provide the most competitive pricing available and the solution that best fits your company’s needs.

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